Family Dollar HVAC Duct-Sealing Drives Energy Savings (RILA Retail Energy Management Program)

Family Dollar is one of the nation’s largest retailers with over 8,100 store locations, 50,000 employees, and over $10 billion in annual sales. The company strives to operate its store locations as efficiently as possible for the comfort of its customers and employees. After successfully benchmarking and collecting energy use data for nearly all 8,100 stores, the company identified opportunities for efficiency improvements and prioritized among them for investment. An HVAC duct-sealing program, incentivized by Dominion Virginia Power, was one such opportunity to reduce consumption and improve comfort, especially for its older stores. The duct-sealing work enabled the company to realize an average of 5 percent energy savings at 145 store locations in under 12 months. To view the full PDF version of this implementation model, click here.

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A commercial HVAC duct-sealing program, incentivized by Dominion Virginia Power, resulted in 5% energy savings and improved the ENERGY STAR score for Family Dollar across 150 locations.


Leaky and inefficient air-ducts lower building performance and comfort.


Upgraded and improved the duct sealing on its aging heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) duct work at nearly 150 store locations with the help of utility rebates.


Reduced in-store energy use by 5% and improved in-store ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager Score.