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Cascap Inc: Zero Over Time Action Planning

The primary policy intervention was to integrate sustainability and electrification goals into the CNA process to ensure that equipment was not simply replaced in kind, but was evaluated for energy efficiency, durability, and reduction of GHGs.

Through Mass Save’s LEAN Multifamily Program, Cascap was able to work with a third-party engineering consultant, to develop an action plan, titled Zero Over Time (ZOT), for reducing its carbon footprint. The ZOT process started with an ASHRAE level 2 audit at Nonantum Village Place and Cascap’s construction specialists and property management staff worked with NEI to identify key equipment to upgrade and a timetable for replacing components at the end of their useful life.

The ZOT plan was useful in helping potential funders understand why undertaking specific decarbonization measures at this time was worth the investment and what was being accomplished through decarbonization goals. Using the ZOT plan, Cascap secured funding for near-term energy efficiency improvements, solar-ready roof replacement, air-source heat pumps (ASHPs), and hybrid controls to use the existing condensing boilers during cold winter months, and installed a solar PV array.

To measure success at Nonantum Village Place, Caspcap Inc. monitors the building’s energy and water usage and GHGs through a third-party benchmarking provider. Their platform monitors the building’s reduction of GHG in tonnes of Co₂e therms of gas usage, and Energy Use Intensity (EUI) in kBtu/ft2. Cascap Inc. also routinely evaluates the new ASHP equipment to ensure it is operating efficiently, especially in cold weather., and will use Nonantum Village Place as model to replace existing condensing boilers with ASHPs across their portfolio.

Through its Zero Over Title (ZOT) action plan, Cascap Inc. successfully integrated sustainability and electrification goals into their whole portfolio’s capital needs planning, inspired by the anticipated annual cost savings of approximately $3,000 a year at their one property Nonantum Village Place.

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