Belk, Inc. - Seeing is Believing LED Pilot (RILA Retail Energy Management Program)

Belk, Inc., a private department store company based in Charlotte, N.C., is the home of Modern. Southern. Style. Belk has shown its commitment to corporate sustainability and continues to do more each year to reduce its total energy usage and overall carbon emissions. Lighting accounts for 35% of energy consumption and $1.05 billion in potential savings across the retail industry. After a successful LED retrofit pilot program secured leadership support following an in-person visit, Belk now plans to roll out energy efficiency projects across the company, including a redesign of their entire lighting infrastructure. To view the full PDF version of this implementation model, click here.

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Through an LED retrofit pilot program, Belk, Inc. demonstrated the benefits of an efficiency technology to company leadership and gained support for additional energy efficiency projects across the company’s portfolio.


New technologies often face skepticism; and once proven, there is no path to scale them across the portfolio.


Design a pilot to measure the full benefits of a technology and invite company decision-makers to see the positive impacts firsthand.


Belk reduced its in-store energy consumption at a single location by more than 27% after retrofitting the lighting system with LED lights; after seeing the project firsthand, executives approved a redesign of Belk’s entire lighting infrastructure.