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Idaho National Laboratory

INL serves as the United States command center for advanced nuclear energy research, development, demonstration and deployment, and is home to an unparalleled combination of nuclear energy research, development and deployment test-bed facilities focused on fuel fabrication, steady-state and transient irradiation, and macro- and microscale postirradiation examination. INL’s applied engineering discipline and problem-solving approach helps the Defense and Homeland Security departments, as well as industry partners, solve significant national security challenges in critical infrastructure protection and nuclear nonproliferation. Scientists and engineers are also exploring solutions to grand challenges in the areas of clean energy technologies and improving the water and energy efficiency of industrial manufacturing processes. Under direction of DOE-NE, INL is leading the Gateway for Accelerated Innovation in Nuclear (GAIN) initiative to provide the nuclear community with access to the technical, regulatory and financial support necessary to move innovative nuclear energy technologies, such as small modular reactors, toward commercialization while ensuring the continued safe, reliable and economical operation of the existing nuclear fleet. INL is managed by Battelle Energy Alliance for the DOE’s Office of Nuclear Energy.

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