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Are you starting a Home Energy Score program? Curious how Home Energy Score can add value to your organization? Looking to market the Home Energy Score or share the Home Energy Score with others? Whether you are a prospective partner, real estate professional, or homeowner, you can use these resources to learn more about the Home Energy Score. You can also share these resources as part of your marketing efforts. Home Energy Score Partners have exclusive access to some Home Energy Score materials, such as logos.

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Link to Better Buildings Residential Program Solution Center
Link to Home Performance with ENERGY STAR
Link to DOE Energy Saver's Incentives and Financing Page
Resources for Assessors

Use the resources below to learn more about the Home Energy Score and how to communicate Home Energy Score results to homeowners.


Data Collection:

Communicating the Home Energy Score to Customers:

Marketing for Home Inspectors - Flyers Targeting Homeowners

Resources for Partners

All types of organizations can benefit from partnering with the DOE on the Home Energy Score. Use the resources below to see how the Home Energy Score can add value to energy efficiency organizations.


Talking about Home Energy Score:

General Programming:

Fact Sheets:

Promoting the Score with Real Estate:

  • Energy Efficiency for Real Estate Professionals: A tool for energy efficiency programs to convey the value of energy information to real estate professionals, and information on resources real estate professionals can use for further learning. This presentation is meant to be customized for particular audiences. If you want to use a customized version of this resource, please contact Madeline.Salzman@ee.doe.gov.
  • Elevate Energy's Visible Value Blueprint - Overview: Overview of "Unlocking the Value of an Energy Efficient Home" white paper.
  • Unlocking the Value of an Energy Efficient Home: A white paper to provide energy efficiency program sponsors with methods to document efficiency improvements and incorporate them into the real estate value chain.
  • Capturing Energy Efficiency in Real Estate Transactions: A paper highlighting the obstacles and opportunities within the real estate transaction value chain that program administrators are uniquely positioned to address. Also provides ideas for relevant activities that program administrators can engage in, and examples of programs that are successfully working with real estate professionals to address the challenge of valuing energy efficiency in home resale prices.
Resources for Real Estate Professionals

The Home Energy Score is a great way to inform your clients about energy efficiency when buying or selling a home. As homeowners start to ask more questions about energy efficiency, the Home Energy Score is a way to meet your clients' needs. Utilize these links and documents to learn about the Score and home energy efficiency generally.

Resources for Marketing & Outreach

The Home Energy Score team prepared fact sheets and ready-to-use brochures for Partners and stakeholders to promote the Score. Any changes to the brochure must be approved by the Home Energy Score team before distribution. Send proposed changes to HomeEnergyScore@ee.doe.gov for approval.

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