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Home Energy Score: Newsroom

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A growing number of cities are mandating Home Energy Scores, a metric that makes it easy for potential renters or homebuyers to grasp a home’s energy use. Read More
This article highlights the Town of Carbondale's new partnership with the Home Energy Score program.  Read More
This articles highlights how the demand for eco-savvy agents is increasing.  Read More
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory recently released the results of its latest research on the impacts of Home Energy Score™, finding that real estate listings saw higher purchase prices and lower energy bills in cities requiring the Score. Read More
DOE hosted a webinar featuring state and local governments to hear how they are using Home Energy Score to promote transparency in home sales and rentals while supporting broader energy goals in their communities. Read More
When the city of Gainesville, Florida was looking for a way to make their community more energy efficient, one tactic they adopted was the Home Energy Score. Home Energy Score provides homeowners, buyers, and renters with directly comparable and credible information about a home’s energy use, like… Read More
Since 1987, the City of Berkely has been working to make its homes more energy efficient. One tactic utilized today to do this has been partnering with the Home Energy Score program. Home Energy Score, created by the DOE and its national laboratories provides homeowners, buyers, and renters with… Read More
StopWaste, a member of the Bay Area Regional Energy Network (BayREN) in California, works to increase energy transparency in single family homes by utilizing the Home Energy Score. To learn how they do this, watch a short clip from the most recent Home Energy Score webinar for state and local… Read More
Home Energy Score provides homeowners, buyers, and renters with directly comparable and credible information about a home’s energy use, like a miles-per-gallon rating for a car. To learn how the City of Portland, Oregon is utilizing the Score, take a moment to hear from Dirk Larson, Buildings… Read More
To respond to local jurisdictions requests for energy and climate planning, the Oregon Department of Energy adopted the Home Energy Score as a tactic to ensure homes were more energy efficient. To learn how they did this and what the program looks like in Oregon today, watch this clip from the most… Read More
This article explains how to find your Home Energy Score and what benefits are now available as part of the new Inflation Reduction Act. Read More
Across the country, 27 Home Energy Score Partners and a network of 460 Home Energy Score Assessors are promoting home energy labeling and providing low cost home energy information to homeowners, buyers, and renters through the Department of Energy’s Home Energy Score™ program. Read More