Partner Resources

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The Department of Energy provides a variety of resources for Home Energy Score™ Partners to make their programs successful. This page provides links to resources that Partners or organizations interested in becoming Partners may find helpful in understanding, explaining, and managing programs for Home Energy Score.

"The Home Energy Score is a low input tool with high output".

- Benjamin K. from Community Housing Partners, Virginia

Onboarding Tools and Resources

DOE is excited to hear from potential Partners throughout the country to offer the Home Energy Score. Review the following onboarding materials and if your organization is interested in becoming a Home Energy Score Partner, send us a completed Implementation Plan to

Compatible Software

Software providers interested in linking their software to the Home Energy Scoring Tool can do so via an application programming interface (API). By licensing the Home Energy Score API, third-party software can generate a Home Energy Score along with any other outputs the software already produces. This capability reduces data entry burdens for Home Energy Score Certified Assessors™ already using other software tools.

Interested API users will need to satisfy DOE testing requirements to ensure that scoring through the API results in the same score outputs as scoring directly through the Home Energy Scoring Tool interface online. Interested users can learn more by visiting the API developers' website.

The companies listed below have successfully integrated their software with the Home Energy Score API:

Quality Assurance

To ensure high quality, DOE requires each Partner to ensure new Assessors are properly trained and mentored, and to re-score a random sample of at least 5% of homes. In 2017, DOE released Updated Quality Assurance and Mentoring Protocols, which expands the options for meeting these requirements on a provisional basis. If interested, Partners can use third parties to conduct mentoring and quality assurace. Organizations that are approved to offer quality assurance include:

Visit the Quality Assurance page to learn more about the quality assurance options available to Partners and Assessors.

Marketing Materials

The Department of Energy provides flyers, brochures, and fact sheets for Partners to use to promote and explain the Home Energy Score. Materials are also available for Assessors, homeowners, the real estate community, and for general communications.

Perks for Home Energy Score Partners

Partners have access to account management, technical support, and other materials to make their programs successful.

  • U.S. Department of Energy branding and logos. Anything including the DOE or Home Energy Score logo must be pre-approved by the Home Energy Score Team prior to distribution. These resources are available through the password-protected Home Energy Score Partner Portal.
  • Meetings with the U.S. Department of Energy. DOE hosts bi-monthly webinars for all Partners. DOE gathers Home Energy Score Partners to share updates on the program and to host speakers. It is also an opportunity for Partners voice concerns and share best practices. 
  • Inclusion in searchable “Find an Assessor” database. DOE developed a database to allow anyone to search for Partners and Assessors offering the Home Energy Score by zip code.