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By becoming a Home Energy Score Partner, your organization can join a growing network of organizations around the country promoting home energy labelling and providing low cost, home energy information to homeowners.

All types of organizations can benefit from partnering with the DOE on the Home Energy Score, including:

  • Utilities that want to offer the Score as part of energy efficiency programs
  • State energy offices driven to increase home energy efficiency statewide
  • Nonprofits focused on increasing awareness of home energy use
  • Trade organizations interested in improving contractor, inspector, or real estate agent knowledge of home energy use
  • Anyone desiring to bring reliable energy information to their community


"The Home Energy Scoring Tool is easy to use and very accurate. We have verified the accuracy by collecting actual usage data and comparing it to the Tool's modeled energy projections"

- Terry F., Columbia Water & Light, Missouri

The Home Energy Score is fast, affordable, simple, credible, and flexible.
Partner Requirements
  • Manage onboarding, training, and mentoring of Home Energy Score Assessors participating in your program, or contract with another organization to manage these areas.
  • Score a minimum of 500 homes in the first year. After the first year, you will work with the DOE to establish annual numeric goals with the intent of expanding the program.
  • Conduct quality assurance reviews on a random sample of scored homes, and provide mentoring for newly trained assessors.
  • Participate in regular calls and webinars with DOE and other Partners, and collaborate with DOE on delivery and continuous improvement of the program.
  • Market the Home Energy Score to single-family homes and townhomes in your jurisdiction.
Get Started

DOE is recruiting Partners throughout the country to offer the Home Energy Score to help homeowners, homebuyers, and renters learn about home energy performance and reduce energy costs through energy efficiency upgrades. 

If you think your organization can meet the requirements listed and is interested in becoming a Home Energy Score Partner, review the resources available to Partners and send us a completed Implementation Plan. Use the Implementation Plan to explain how your organization will use the Score, conduct quality assurance, and manage your Home Energy Score program. Email the completed Implementation Plan to

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