Why Offer the Score?

The Home Energy Score is a great way to enhance your business by adding a DOE-supported service to your portfolio. By providing the Home Energy Score, you can supply customers with reliable home energy information to help them save money on energy costs and live more comfortably in their homes. Whether you are an energy auditor, home inspector, or another type of residential energy professional, you can become qualified to offer the Home Energy Score.

Assessors provide valuable information to homeowners, homebuyers, and renters who are curious about the energy assets – and associated costs – of a home. As energy labeling becomes more influential in the real estate market, stay ahead of the curve and offer this vital information in your service portfolio.


"Having the DOE's logo on the Home Energy Score is a selling point for us and our members"

- Ben G., InterNACHI

Ways to Offer the Score

Once you have completed the qualifying training, you are ready to complete walkthroughs and give customers their personalized Home Energy Scores. Your Partner organization and the DOE work together to provide talking points, branding materials, and any technical support you need to successfully deploy the Home Energy Score.

Assessors throughout the country offer the Home Energy Score in a variety of ways, depending on their business model and interests. Successful ways to provide the Score have included:

  • A bundled item within a standard audit / inspection package
  • A standalone product, offered to homeowners for a fee
  • A freely offered product to gain leads for home improvements
  • A service offered by utilities or solar companies before and after energy efficiency services
  • And more!

The DOE gives you the flexibility to offer the Score in the way that makes sense in your market. Read How to Offer the Score to find out how you can become qualified.

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