Home Energy Score Marketing Materials for Real Estate Agents

Marketing Materials

Ready to make a difference with Home Energy Score? The following materials are available to help market the Score to real estate clients.


Use these postcards in your direct mailing efforts. They are designed to highlight the benefits of Home Energy Score and can be customized; add your name, contact information and a head shot. Click on an image to view. Download and open these in Adobe for best results.



Newsletter Content

The Home Energy Score Team prepared content tailored for each month. These blurbs are perfect for newsletters, emails, or any regular contact with clients.

Home Energy Score Monthly Newsletter Content

Talking Points

We know it can be tricky to explain what a Home Energy Score means, especially if a home gets a below average Score. For those situations, the Home Energy Score Team made talking points. Organized by situation, these talking points provide information clients need to understand the Home Energy Score. Below are some quick tips to explain why a home has scored low.

Talking Points for Real Estate Agents