Heat Pump Water Heaters

Install a heat pump water heater and reduce water heating energy up to 70% using the commercial heat pump water heater specification

The Food Service team developed a Commercial Heat Pump Water Heater Specification that can be used to reduce water heating energy by 70%.

An older, electric resistance water heater (operated in a building with a hot water demand of 500 gallons a day) can cost more than $3,500 each year in electricity costs. A new heat pump water heater built to the specification would use 70% less energy and could save $12,500 over 5 years. If all commercial electric storage water heaters in the United States were replaced, businesses would save 15 terawatt-hours (TWh) of energy, or about $1.5 billion in energy costs, per year. Members looking to purchase efficient gas water heaters may wish to procure products that meet the Federal Energy Management Program's efficiency requirements.