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Not sure where to start on energy efficiency or renewable energy financing? Use this page to explore financing options and see how they compare to each other. Anywhere in the page, click on a Financing Option Button to learn more about that option, including how to connect with providers who can finance your projects.


The diagram below summarizes the energy efficiency and renewable energy financing options available in the market. “Traditional” options are commonly used to finance energy projects in addition to other types of goods and services, whereas “specialized” options are specifically designed for energy projects. Organizations can also fund projects internally without seeking third-party financing. For a more detailed typology of financing options, see LBNL's "Current Practices in Efficiency Financing" report.


Here you can sort the available financing options according to a variety of attributes such as balance sheet treatment, contract complexity, and typical close time. Simply select an attribute from the drop-down menu to sort accordingly.

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