About the Navigator

What is the Better Buildings Financing Navigator?

The Navigator is an online tool that helps public and private sector organizations find financing solutions for energy efficiency projects.

Developed by the US Department of Energy’s Better Buildings Initiative, the Navigator helps users explore a wide array of financing choices and identify relevant financing options for their energy efficiency projects. Through the Navigator, users can also connect to the larger Better Buildings Challenge Financial Ally community, which includes banks and lenders that are committed to making bold financial investments in energy efficiency and are actively pursuing new opportunities to finance projects. The Navigator is designed for anyone who wants to access financing for energy efficiency projects or learn more about the marketplace in general, including building owners, facility and energy managers, sustainability directors, executives, contractors, consultants, brokers, researchers, and other decision-makers.

Note that the Navigator covers non-residential energy efficiency projects only. It does not specifically cover financing for single-family residential, renewable energy, or power generation projects at this time. It also does not cover capital raising strategies such as bonds, securitization, and secondary market activities.

Can you give feedback on the Navigator?

Yes!  We welcome your feedback and opportunities for partnership. Please email us at BetterBuildings@ee.doe.gov to let us know what you think.

Is the Navigator available for public use and can you feature it on your site?

Yes, the Navigator is available for public use at no cost. If you refer to any Navigator content, please cite the Department of Energy and provide a link back to the Navigator. Graphics, buttons, and other marketing collateral are available if you would like to promote or feature the Navigator on your website. Contact us at BetterBuildings@ee.doe.gov to discuss.