Evaluating ESPC Results

Guaranteed energy and cost savings are the typical reasons for using ESPC to complete energy efficiency retrofits. Measuring and promoting those results, however, is still challenging, even for the most experienced ESPC practitioner. These tools support strong M&V practices and help you tell your ESPC success story.

Measurement & Verification Guidelines
This document outlines the Federal Energy Management Program's standard procedures and guidelines for measurement and verification (M&V) of ESPC projects, commonly used by the state and local sector.

Project Benchmark Sheets
The benchmark sheets report five performance metrics that can be used to benchmark proposed ESPC projects within several public sectors, including state and local governments, K-12 schools, post-secondary education, and public housing:

Overview of Economic Impact Analysis Tools
This document describes three tools that analyze the economic impacts (jobs created, etc.) of energy efficiency projects. The summary specifies the varying levels of detail, categories of input and output data, and cost for each tool.