Welcome to the ESPC Virtual Technical Assistant

The Virtual Technical Assistant is the solution designed for an Accelerator partner that was interested in establishing a program to support state and local practitioners of ESPC despite limited funds and staff.

Offering technical assistance for ESPC online addresses both budget and staffing shortages. The ESPC Virtual Technical Assistant is an online, interactive guide to support the complete and best-practice implementation of ESPC projects.

This guide walks users through the steps of developing and implementing an ESPC project in five phases. The tool includes detailed step-by-step instructions, links to resources needed at particular points in the ESPC process, and advises users when they should consult the office responsible for ESPC technical assistance in their jurisdiction, or other experts as needed.

If you would like to make this tool your own, download this version, customize the information to meet your agency's needs, and program it into your website.


 Project Planning               ESCO Selection Process          Project Development            Project Implementation         Project Performance