Village of Hempstead Housing Authority: Energy performance

Energy Performance
Cumulative (vs. Baseline)0%
Annual (2020)-3%

Better Buildings Challenge Partners commit to decrease portfolio-wide source energy use intensity (EUI) and to increase the percent improvement compared to a set baseline. Village of Hempstead Housing Authority has improved its portfolio-wide energy performance by 0% toward a goal of 20% by 2023 from a 2013 baseline. Energy savings have been achieved primarily in Gladys Gardens Apartments, where a comprehensive retrofit included installation of new condensing boilers, piping, and boiler venting equipment, new high efficiency windows, attic insulation and full LED lighting upgrades.


Multifamily property owners often face challenges in gathering whole building data for properties with large numbers of individual tenant-paid utility accounts. Through the Better Buildings Challenge, partners can demonstrate progress towards their savings goal by reporting two types of data: (1) whole-building energy use, including tenant-paid utilities, for at least 30 percent of their portfolio; and (2) owner-paid receipts (common areas only) for the remaining share of their portfolio. Village of Hempstead Housing Authority's portfolio consists of 4 properties, more than 240 thousand square feet and approximately 280 housing units. Whole-building data (both tenant-paid and owner-paid receipts) is available for 71% of their portfolio.

Village of Hempstead Housing Authority

This graph breaks out the portfolio's energy performance for properties with whole building energy use vs those with owner-paid receipts. The energy intensity for properties with whole-building data is much higher than those with owner-paid receipts because it accounts for the significant use associated with tenant spaces. The Village of Hempstead Housing Authority has achieved -3% savings in properties with whole-building data and 8% in properties with owner-paid receipts.