University of Virginia: Energy performance

GHG Emissions
Energy Performance
Cumulative (vs. Baseline)25%
Annual (2021)2%

Better Buildings Challenge Partners strive to decrease portfolio-wide source energy use intensity (EUI) and to increase the percent improvement compared to a set baseline. UVA's portfolio consists of more than 400 buildings and 15.5 million square feet. Compared to fiscal year 2010, UVA has improved energy performance by 25% with a goal of 20% by 2023. Energy consumption during FY20 and FY21 was lower than a typical year since COVID-19 disruptions resulted in reduced occupancy, particularly during the end of FY20 and beginning of FY21. Following the change to remote classes and work for much of the University at the end of FY20, UVA quickly evaluated and implemented new building scheduling for unoccupied spaces, capturing significant savings. UVA has pursued energy reductions by prioritizing its most energy intensive buildings for efficiency improvements, such as comprehensive lighting retrofits and building controls upgrades, while also pursuing robust outreach and engagement initiatives. Also, the University has upgraded its district systems to increase efficiency across the entire portfolio.