The Tower Companies: Energy performance

Energy Performance
Cumulative (vs. Baseline)20%
Annual (2018)-1%
Water Performance
Cumulative (vs. Baseline)25%
Annual (2018)4%

Better Buildings Challenge Partners strive to decrease portfolio-wide source energy use intensity (EUI) and to increase the percent improvement compared to a set baseline.Tower has committed 10 buildings that they both own and manage, which make up 2.5 million square feet of multi-tenant commercial office and multi-family high-rise residential properties. Compared to a 2010 baseline, Tower has improved energy performance by 20% due in large part to implementing a Real-Time Energy Management Program focused on low-cost ECMs and sustainable operations, LED lighting retrofits, BMS control upgrades, and equipment upgrades. There are other properties that The Tower Companies owns but that are not managed directly and therefore, aren’t being included in this program.


Looking at the percent improvement in energy performance across all facilities can provide insight into how an organization is saving energy. As part of our Energy Management Program, Tower sets annual energy reduction goals for both commercial office and residential buildings and tracks progress on a monthly and quarterly basis. Due to successful ECMs and consistent sustainable operations, Tower has achieved energy performance improvement of greater than 15% at 6 of its properties. Energy reduction plans are customized and tracked for each property and best practices are shared between properties to help meet goals.


Property-level energy performance metrics, including EUI and percent improvement to date, are critical to track progress over time and identify opportunties for additional energy savings.Tower's portfolio consists of properties with a wide range of baseline EUI values, most of which are between 100 and 300 kBtu/sq. ft, and the majority have shown energy improvement since the 2010 baseline year. The Energy Management Program allows for daily, monthly, quarterly, and annual review and progress tracking to ensure that energy usage and EUI values are moving in the right direction - downward.


Better Buildings Challenge Partners strive to decrease portfolio-wide source water use intensity (WUI) and to increase the percent improvement compared to a set baseline.The Tower Companies tracks water data for 2.5 million square feet as part of this program. The building teams have improved water performance by 25% from a 2010 baseline surpassing their goal of 20% by 2020. These reductions were realized in part thanks to an indirect consequence of their energy management program. In addition, the company works with the landscaping vendors to ensure native plantings that require less irrigation, green cleaning vendors to reduce water used when possible, construction purchasing practices that require low-flow fixtures be installed, and cooling tower management practices that ensure efficient operations.