Holcim (US) Inc.: Energy performance

Cumulative (vs. Baseline)22%
Annual (2014)-7%

Better Buildings, Better Plants Challenge partners strive to decrease portfolio-wide source energy use intensity (EUI), and to increase the percent improvement compared to a set baseline. The Holcim (US) portfolio comprises 12 facilities producing Portland cements, and fly ash and slag cement products.  Holcim continues to improve through a combination of aggressive facility/equipment modernization and production scheduling to optimize plant load versus capacity. Holcim's comprehensive energy management program is helping it remain a leader in a very competitive industry.


Businesses supporting the construction industry face the difficult task of balancing efficient operation of plant equipment with volatile production volumes and customer demands. While Holcim has made great strides toward its 30% energy intensity improvement target, reporting in its most recent year was negatively impacted by the following factors: consumer demand for more energy intensive products, which are often made at the company's less efficient plants and the use of alternative fuels that may be less energy efficient even while providing important environmental benefits. Holcim's rigorous data collection and analysis efforts allow the company to identify these factors and analyze how they are impacting energy intensity. Opportunities for improvement are evident at most facilities and Holcim continues to implement its facility modernization and upgrade plan.


Energy and production data for each plant is aggregated on a monthly basis and processed using the DOE Energy Performance Indicator (EnPI) tool.  The data are normalized for corporate-level fluctuations in production volume.

Holcim (US) Inc.