Havertys: Energy performance

Energy Performance
Cumulative (vs. Baseline)31%
Annual (2018)0%
Energy Performance
Cumulative (vs. Baseline)28%
Annual (2017)2%

Better Buildings Challenge Partners strive to decrease portfolio-wide source energy use intensity (EUI) and to increase the percent improvement compared to a set baseline. Havertys' portfolio consists of more than 100 buildings and more than 6 million square feet. Since 2011, Havertys has improved energy performance by 31%. Havertys began its journey toward improved energy efficiency and corporate sustainability in 2009 with small changes and a focus on low budget energy efficiency opportunities. In comparison with a 2008 baseline, prior to any program implementation, Havertys has decreased its electrical consumption by about 46%. Upon deciding to participate in the Better Building Challenge, Havertys began to measure both its electric and gas use beginning with a baseline of 2011. Havertys reached its energy efficiency goal in part by continuing to implement its HVterra program, which was launched in 2010. The HVterra program was designed to drive sustainable business practices and improve business processes in the areas of energy and waste management, building sustainability, store development, products sourcing, design and development, office automation and paper management, and associate education and engagement. A team comprised of Havertys HVterra committee members and vendor partners with expertise in energy management services, and mechanical and electrical engineering, meets regularly to review store energy performance data and identify opportunities for energy reduction in existing and future build locations. 


Looking at the percent improvement in energy performance across all properties can provide insight into how an organization is saving energy. Havertys has achieved energy performance improvement of greater than 10% at 85 of its properties. There are 8 properties that have experienced an increase in Source EUI. These properties have been targeted for future energy efficiency improvements.


Property-level energy performance metrics, including EUI and percent improvement to date, are critical to track progress over time and identify opportunities for additional energy savings. Havertys' portfolio consists of properties with a wide range of baseline EUI values, most of which are from 50 to 200 kBtu/sq. ft. The majority of properties have shown energy improvement since 2011. The properties located near or below the 0% axis may present good opportunities for further savings. At this point, Havertys has installed PV (Solar) at two of its Showroom locations and is continuing to evaluate additional opportunities for increasing efficiency using cleaner power sources.