Celanese Corporation: Energy performance

Energy Performance
Energy Performance
Cumulative (vs. Baseline)28%
Annual (2019)3%

Better Buildings, Better Plants Challenge partners strive to decrease portfolio-wide source energy use intensity (EUI), and to increase the percent improvement compared to a set baseline. Celanese's focused approach to energy improvement allowed it to meet ahead of schedule its original Better Plants Program goal of improving energy intensity by 25%. The company joined the Better Plants Challenge in 2014 with a new target of an additional 15% improvement by 2020 across their eight U.S.-based plants which was achieved in 2018. Celanese has developed a sustained energy intensity accountability program that features a cadence of energy teams and best practice sharing and multiple tools to engage sites to continuously identify and reduce energy intensity through data-based decision making and employee engagement.


Looking at the percent improvement in energy performance across individual units and overall across all eight sites can provide insight into how Celanese is saving energy.  Three of the eight sites have reduced usage by over 2% and one by greater than 6%.  Continued energy improvement  and increase of low energy efficient volume  continues to drive the overall intensity metric of the eight sites. Along with many  energy reduction projects and capital investments in low energy intensive processes and improvements Celanese drives continuous improvement of its energy management systems with a comprehensive energy management program.


Celanese's highly-diversified product portfolio serves a broad range of end-use applications including paints and coatings, textiles, automotive applications, consumer and medical applications, performance industrial applications, filter media, paper and packaging, chemical additives, construction, consumer and industrial adhesives, and food and beverage applications. Celanese uses MBTU/Pound of product to calculate its energy intensity.  Celanese benchmarks all its sites against a specified efficiency standard for that site, and overall every month.

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