Demonstrate and explore the energy savings potential of retrofitting existing open refrigerated display cases

Has your organization implemented open case retrofits? If you have, DOE invites you to participate in a demonstration project showcasing the positive energy impacts of this technology. By highlighting the positive impacts of open case retrofits, you can help others by increasing awareness of this energy-saving measure. Contact us if you are a member and would like to get involved.

Adding transparent display doors to existing open refrigerated cases has well-known energy benefits. In addition to greatly reducing refrigeration system electricity consumption, these retrofits can also help to cut heating gas bills, especially in colder climates. Saving energy can have the same impact on your bottom line as an increase in sales.

The Refrigeration team and industry representatives have developed many resources for your organization to weigh the costs and benefits of this technology. Apply best practices from our guide to maximizing energy savings when adding doors to previously open display cases. Or, discover in our case study how Fresh & Easy reduced expenditures through retrofits. You can also use our calculator to estimate potential savings from installing doors on existing vertical open medium-temperature display cases and to compare the monetary value of savings to profits from product sales. Furthermore, you can view our Webinar on display-case retrofits.