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Emissions Reduction Audits and Assessments

Emissions reduction audits and assessments help determine the amount of emissions that can be reduced at any given property through energy efficiency, electrification, reducing fugitive emissions, and adding onsite renewable energy. These audits/assessments help organizations better understand the feasible paths for cutting emissions, resulting in a more informed and robust emissions reduction plan. Better Buildings created a checklist for building owners and managers to help develop a GHG emissions audit scope of work.


GHG Emissions Reduction Audit: A Checklist for Owners
This guidance and accompanying checklist detail recommended services and deliverables for a building-level greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reduction audit focused on Scope 1 and 2 GHG emissions.


Single Grey building against a blue skyGHG Emissions Reduction Audit Scope of Work Template
This template can be used by building owners and operators to develop a scope of work for a GHG Emissions Reduction Audit to share with their auditor or include in an RFP.



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