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Decarbonization Download: 5 Questions with...

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Buildings and manufacturing plants produce two-thirds of U.S. greenhouse gas emissions. Reducing enterprise-wide carbon emissions, or “decarbonizing,” is central to achieving energy-efficient buildings and cost-efficient operations. Better Buildings is supporting organizations across the U.S. to reduce their carbon footprints with two programs:

  • The Low Carbon Pilot is an initial cohort of partners implementing building-level technologies and strategies to achieve low carbon emissions. These partners will share their successful solutions with the market.
  • The Better Climate Challenge is a new effort challenging organizations to cut their greenhouse gas emissions by at least 50% within 10 years. Learn more and join now.

This video blog series highlights the important work of our carbon reduction partners, who share takeaways, best practices, and actionable steps you can use today to reduce carbon emissions in your buildings and plants. These quick 5-minute conversations between partners and DOE leadership explore the importance of decarbonization, challenges, and their goals for the future.


Decarbonization Download Video: 5 Questions with POAHDecarbonization Download: 5 Qs with POAH

Julie Klump of Preservation of Affordable Housing (POAH), a multifamily housing partner, outlines how to harness passive housing design now to cut carbon and increase resilience in multifamily buildings.


Decarbonization Download Video: 5 Questions with GundersenDecarbonization Download: 5 Qs with Gundersen Health System

Tim Wilson of Gundersen Health System discusses their model for achieving energy independence through onsite generation and other strategies to cut costs for your buildings. Hear two things he says you can do right now to reduce the carbon footprint of your healthcare facilities.

Decarbonization Download Video: 5 Questions with OrlandoDecarbonization Download: 5 Qs with the City of Orlando

Ian Lahiff of the City of Orlando lays out strategies for the partnerships and collaboration that will help your organization maximize energy savings and cut carbon emissions with minimal roadblocks.


Decarbonization Download Video: 5 Questions with ZebraDecarbonization Download: 5 Qs with Zebra Technologies

Mani Balakrishnan of Zebra Technologies’ shares his three tips to maximize carbon reduction and outlines how science-based targets can help your organization cut carbon emissions now.


Decarbonization Download Video: 5 Questions with SteelcaseDecarbonization Download: 5 Qs with Steelcase

Better Plants partner Steelcase’s Mary Ellen Mika demonstrates the outsized impact on carbon reduction that simple upgrades can have. Watch now to learn how tackling low hanging fruit in energy efficiency can cut costs while reducing carbon emissions for you and your supply chain. 

Decarbonization Download Video: 5 Questions with Bard CollegeDecarbonization Download: 5 Qs with Bard College

Better Climate Challenge partner Bard College’s Taun Toay shows how to harness new technologies to decarbonize historic infrastructure and shares why he remains hopeful in the face of the climate crisis. 


Each video in the series explores decarbonization through five questions:

  1. Why is decarbonization important to your organization?
  2. Who are your stakeholders, and do they care about decarbonization?
  3. What projects are you excited about?
  4. What challenges do you see in reducing carbon emissions?
  5. What would you say to other organizations considering this work?

If you’re asking the same questions at your organization, watch the videos above for immediate tips and long-term strategies from our partners.

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Low Carbon Pilot Toolkit

The Better Buildings, Better Plants Low Carbon Pilot Toolkit shares key learnings and materials from the 65 partners who participated and shared their experiences, successes, and challenges in their pursuit of low carbon emission strategies.

DOE's Better Climate Challenge

DOE is challenging organizations to set ambitious, portfolio-wide GHG emission reduction goals -- 50% within the next 10 years -- through the Better Climate Challenge.