Decarbonization Download: 5 Questions with...

Decarbonization is central to efficient operations and robust financial performance. Through the Better Buildings Low Carbon Pilot, DOE is working with market leaders to demonstrate real-world successes in achieving low and no carbon emissions from building and manufacturing operations. To highlight the important work being undertaken by our Low Carbon Pilot partners, we have launched this video blog series.

These conversations with partners will explore the importance of decarbonization, challenges, and their goals for the future through these five questions:

  1. Why is decarbonization important to your organization?
  2. Who are your stakeholders, and do they care about decarbonization?
  3. What projects are you excited about?
  4. What challenges do you see in reducing carbon emissions?
  5. What would you say to other organizations considering this work?

If you’re asking the same questions at your organization, watch the video below for insight from our partners.


Decarbonization Download Video: 5 Questions with POAHDecarbonization Download: 5 Qs with POAH 

In this video, Better Buildings Director Maria Vargas sits down with Julie Klump of Preservation of Affordable Housing (POAH), a multifamily housing partner, to discuss their Low Carbon Pilot projects, advice for other organizations looking to decarbonize, and the nexus with resilience.




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