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Buildings and manufacturing plants account for roughly two-thirds of U.S. CO2 emissions, and many recognize that carbon reduction goals are central to efficient operations and robust financial performance. DOE is working with partners to demonstrate real-world emission reduction pathways for all types of buildings and plants and to share these solutions with the market.

Decarbonization Fundamentals


The Strategic Approach to Decarbonization

From installing energy-efficient appliances to investing in carbon storage technologies, there are multiple steps in the process toward decarbonization of buildings and facilities, but a good place to start is developing a portfolio-wide plan. The process described in DOE's Emissions Reduction Planning Framework helps organizations develop an actionable plan that identifies solutions, prioritizes measures, and lays out a phased pathway to achieve deep emissions reductions. Learn more about the different measures organizations can take to reduce their carbon footprint by clicking on the boxes below.

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