Considering ESPC?

Are you considering ESPC for your energy efficiency projects?  The resources below can provide additional information you might need to make that decision:

ESPC or Design-Bid-Build for Your Retrofit?
This illustrated fact sheet enables users to decide whether ESPC or design-bid-build is more suited to their planned retrofit project by comparing the development, management, and outcomes of each approach.

ESPC Preliminary Diagnosis Tool
Answers to this quick list of questions might help you determine whether ESPC is the right solution for your energy efficiency goals.

ESPC Fact Sheet
This fact sheet summarizes the benefits of ESPC, includes example projects, and compiles a list of ESPC guidance and resources across DOE.

ESCO Market Study
This study provides a comprehensive overview of the market size, growth projections, industry trends, and market potential in the U.S. ESCO industry.

Legislation Library
This inventory of ESPC legislation provides sample successful ESPC legislative language for users interested in drafting or revamping their legislation.