Better Climate Challenge Working Groups

The goal of these working groups is to facilitate discussion among Better Climate Challenge partners and allies in a small group environment to discuss specific topics around GHG emissions reductions. The groups will share insights, strategies, and action plans, and DOE technical experts will support the working group participants with technical assistance on key issues and summarize the discussion outcomes. These working groups will meet every 6 weeks for approximately eight months in a series of 60-minute facilitated calls.

Working Groups

Open the PDFs below to learn more about the specific working group, its topics, goals, and expectation. If you would like to join a working group, please fill out this form. Working groups are for Better Climate Challenge partners and allies only. 

Portfolio-level GHG Emissions Reduction Planning
Started June 2022


Started June 2022


In addition, check out our Decarbonization Technical Assistance Webinars page to register for upcoming technical assistance webinars and watch previous webinars on decarbonization-related topics.