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Join leading organizations from across sectors who have already committed to reducing their building portfolio's GHG emissions through the Better Climate Challenge. If you are interested in joining the Better Climate Challenge or would like to talk with DOE about whether it is a good fit for your organization, fill out the contact form below. You can learn more about the Challenge by visiting these pages:

About the Better Climate Challenge Meet Partners

Partnership Commitment

Partners agree to:
  • Publicly pledge to reduce GHG emissions by 50% or more across their U.S. building and plant portfolio in 10 years without the use of offsets. 
  • Pursue an energy efficiency target as part of their decarbonization strategy.
  • Develop an organization-wide plan with GHG reduction milestones.
  • Share information on the low GHG strategies implemented to achieve the GHG reduction commitment.
  • Participate in at least one working group to discuss barriers, exchange best practices, and identify solutions.
  • Make available portfolio-wide energy performance and scope 1 and 2 emissions data through ENERGY STAR® Portfolio Manager® and/or a data collection spreadsheet.
  • Report data annually for 10 years.
U.S. Department of Energy agrees to:
  • Provide technical assistance and low GHG implementation strategies to support partners’ commitment to measure, track, and improve portfolio-wide GHG performance.
  • Collaborate with partner on a regular basis.
  • Collect and share best practices and highlight strategies that have been used to measure and reduce operational GHG emissions.
  • Facilitate peer-to-peer learning among partners and convene working groups to discuss barriers and identify solutions
  • Provide national recognition to partners for achieving program milestones and GHG emissions reduction results.
  • Recognize partners that leverage, develop, and share innovative and cost-effective GHG emissions reduction implementation strategies.

Partnership Agreements customized to Energy-Intensive Industries and Multifamily housing are available here: 

Non-profits, efficiency NGOs, and trade organizations that work with buildings and plants may be eligible to join as Better Climate Challenge Allies. Allies identify, recruit, and support organizations interested in working and sharing solutions for reducing GHG emissions across their U.S. building and plant portfolios. Learn more about how to become a Better Climate Challenge Ally

Contact Us

If you are interested in joining the Better Climate Challenge or would like to talk with DOE about whether the Challenge is a good fit for your organization, contact us below. Please provide your organization's name, building sector, and any information you'd like us to know about your climate efforts.

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