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About the Better Climate Challenge

Through DOE's Better Climate Challenge, organizations join a network of market leaders that are stepping forward to work with DOE to plan for their organization's future success by reducing GHG emissions and sharing replicable pathways to decarbonization. Partners will save energy and money and demonstrate leadership in their local communities. Participating organizations can tap into the Better Buildings network, engage with other market leaders, access peer-to-peer exchange opportunities, and leverage technical assistance from DOE and the national labs. Learn more with the resources below.

Find Program Information:

Climate Challenge Factsheet

Learn about the Better Climate Challenge, its goals, and how to get involved in this comprehensive program overview.


Who can join and what is the commitment? Review more Frequently Asked Questions about the Better Climate Challenge and the different ways partners can be involved.

Informational Webinar

Watch this webinar to learn more about the new Better Climate Challenge. Get an overview of the partnership, the value of participating, and hear answers to audience Q&A.

Explore Sectors:

Learn more about the work Better Climate Challenge partners are doing in each sector. 

Commercial Real Estate Data Centers Financial Services

Healthcare Higher Education Hospitality

Industrial K-12 Schools Local Government

Multifamily Retail, Food Service, and Grocery State Government

State Government