Southcentral CHP TAP Events

The Southcentral CHP Technical Assistance Partnership (CHP TAP) aims to deliver its message to a wide variety of organizations interested in the efficiency, environmental, and security benefits of combined heat and power. Please contact us if you would like the Southcentral CHP TAP to deliver a presentation to your organization.


CHP is an effective and fuel-flexible way to improve energy efficiency, reduce energy costs, and decrease air emissions while improving facility resilience and meeting sustainability goals. Join experts from the DOE Southcentral CHP TAP for an interactive session that will explain how CHP can be used with biomass and biogas.

College and university campuses around the globe are leaders in education, research, and innovation, and an evolution is underway to renew, decarbonize, and strengthen these important community assets. College and university campuses have emerged as global leaders in the operation and optimization of world-class district energy systems. Register for the annual IDEA Campus Energy Conference as we envision a new energy future.