Southcentral CHP Technical Assistance Partnership

Southcentral CHP TAP Contact:map
Director – Gavin Dillingham, Ph.D.

Partners: D-Tec Consulting; ICLEI USA; IDEA;
Policy and Planning Partners, LLC
States: Arkansas, Louisiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas

Are you considering a CHP project? The Southcentral CHP Technical Assistance Partnership (CHP TAP) offers complimentary screenings, technical assistance, and expert advice to help determine if CHP is a good fit for your site. As leading experts in CHP—as well as microgrids, heat to power, and district energy—we work with sites to screen for CHP opportunities as well as provide advanced services to maximize the economic impact and reduce the risk of CHP from initial screening to installation. Contact us to set up a screening or ask us a question.


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