Combined Heat and Power Deployment

Combined heat and power (CHP) – sometimes referred to as cogeneration – is an efficient and clean approach to generating onsite electric power and useful thermal energy from a single fuel source. DOE's CHP Deployment Program provides technical assistance and resources to end users interested in CHP and engages with stakeholders to facilitate more widespread adoption of CHP technologies.


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Packaged CHP eCatalog

The Packaged Combined Heat and Power Catalog (eCatalog) is a voluntary public/private partnership designed to increase deployment of CHP in commercial, institutional, and multi-family buildings and manufacturing plants.


If you have additional questions or want to speak to someone at DOE about CHP, please reach out through the CHP TAPs or email us at

CHP Installation Database

The U.S. Department of Energy's CHP Installation Database contains a comprehensive listing of CHP installations throughout the United States.