Low Carbon Pilot: Partners

The Better Buildings Low Carbon Pilot was launched to demonstrate pathways to achieve low or zero carbon in buildings and manufacturing plants. Partners will share their experiences, successes, and challenges pursuing low carbon strategies at two or more of their buildings or plants within a two-year timeframe. The initial cohort of pilot partners will inform DOE’s strategy moving forward and be instrumental in helping the broader market understand the correlation between carbon dioxide emission reduction, energy efficiency, savings, and resilience. 

Click here to learn about the Low Carbon Pilot.

Meet the Partners

The following partners have joined the Better Buildings, Better Plants Low Carbon Pilot. Click on the partner name to visit their profile page and learn about their approach. 


Email us if you have any questions and stay tuned for upcoming webinars on how you might participate in the pilot.

Fact Sheet: Low Carbon Pilot

Learn about the Better Buildings, Better Plants Low Carbon Pilot and how you can participate.

Conversations with Partners

To highlight the important work of Better Buildings Low Carbon Pilot partners, DOE is launching a new video blog (vlog) series. These conversations with partners will explore the importance of decarbonization.