Roughly 17% of U.S. households live in multifamily housing and spend $21 billion on energy annually. An increasing number of studies demonstrate the significant energy savings potential in this building sector. Building owners, residents, utilities, and financial institutions are overcoming complex ownership structures, split incentives, meter configurations, and resident engagement to realize these energy savings.

Better Buildings Challenge SWAP

Hilton Worldwide and Whole Foods Market swapped energy teams (and buildings) in San Francisco, CA, in this reality-style, three-episode web series.

2016 Progress Report

Since 2011, Better Buildings Challenge partners and energy efficiency commitments have tripled, resulting in energy cost savings that now exceed the $1.3 billion mark, and the sharing of hundreds of proven solutions.

Better Buildings Summit

Owners and operators of multifamily housing and multifamily energy managers are invited to join us for the Summit this May 15-17th. Sessions and workshops will be offered specifically for the multifamily track.

Featured Solutions

Sustainability Training Implementation Model
Corcoran Management created a mandatory energy efficiency and building operations training module for its staff members.
The Economic Development Authority of Mankato, Minnesota obtained funding to assess the health impacts of retrofitting 101 units of low-income housing for primarily elderly and disabled residents.
LINC Housing worked with several partners to implement Very Efficient Retrofit packages in 30 buildings and track success with several monitoring systems. 
Mercy Housing solicits, selects, and negotiates a national partnership agreement with a third-party full service solar provider and plans to implement up to 5.5 MW of solar power across its national portfolio.
Harper Acres Showcase Project
Harper Acres has 112 residential units spread among 15 buildings, constructed in 1985. Keene Housing took a multi-step approach to energy efficiency upgrades for this older property.


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