With 4 million buildings accounting for 56 million square feet of floor space, the U.S. commercial sector—including retail, hospitality, commercial real estate, and healthcare industries—is large, diverse, and represents substantial energy savings potential. Businesses are driven to improve their buildings to capture savings and  improve their bottom lines, as well as meet the expectations of consumers and employees who increasingly demand better buildings in which to shop, work, and recreate.

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Better Buildings programs host interactive webinars featuring a variety of topics exploring cost-effective ways to integrate energy savings into their daily building operations. 

Better Buildings Summit

Building owners and operators, energy managers, and directors are invited to join us for the Summit this May 15-17th. Sessions and workshops will be offered specifically for the commercial sector.

Better Buildings SWAP

Watch the cities of Atlanta and Boston as they swap energy teams to improve the energy efficiency of the busiest airport in the world and one of the nation's oldest libraries.

Featured Solutions

This implementation model describes how The Tower Companies bolstered its standard lease agreement by including a green appendix with a 100% acceptance rate.
The JBG Companies upgraded aging building systems at the 836,500 square foot L’Enfant Plaza East in Washington, DC to achieve 31% energy savings and annual cost savings of $920,000.
USAA developed a calculator to convert the results of energy efficiency upgrades into metrics that are meaningful for financial decision makers.
Gallery Walks Implementation Model
New York-Presbyterian Hospital launched a retro-commissioning program that blends energy management with improving the quality of patient care for a holistic approach that engages all hospital staff.
This Wyndham property was selected to undergo a full scale renovation including installation of a 756 KW solar photovoltaic system, which resulted in annual energy savings of 27%.
The intent of this RFP is to identify the products which meet all the minimum requirements, and compare additional features, warranty, and pricing in order to determine a new standard.
Project Luke Showcase Project
The new Augusta plant will be Starbucks’ fifth manufacturing facility in the United States. Starbucks is installing high efficiency technologies throughout the plant.


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