Engaging Stakeholders in Reducing Carbon

Involving multiple stakeholders in carbon reduction strategies ensures that everyone understands key information, including why a project is happening, how it will be executed, and what role they play in the project. Effectively communicating these messages to both internal and external stakeholders can aid in getting buy-in to ensure project success. This page can help you identify critical stakeholders to engage and ways to do so.

Green Lease Library
Green Lease Leaders
Resource Library 
The Green Lease Library contains a collection of commercial green leasing resources. Green leases include smart, energy-aligned clauses that unlock win-win investments in energy efficiency and sustainability for both landlords and tenants.  

Internal Engagement and Communication: Sharing Your Energy Vision
This webinar highlights how organizations can engage their employees and other frequent building users in energy reduction. Creating education programs with healthy competition and incentives has proven effective in keeping building users interested in sustainability goals.

Plant Awards Program Increases Employee Engagement in 3M Sustainability Goals
Implementation Model
3M established an awards program to recognize employee leaders in energy efficiency at its plants. This program resulted in an increase in employee engagement in energy efficiency innovation best practices.

MGM Resorts: Efficiency Education App
Implementation Model
As the largest employer in Nevada, MGM Resorts recognized the need to engage all individual employees, in addition to each property’s sustainability leadership. With the implementation of the MY Green Advantage platform, employees have worked towards aggressively decreasing energy and water use.

Beyond Benchmarking: Unlocking Value for Utilities
DOE's Better Buildings Energy Data Accelerator allowed utility companies to expand market intelligence and create business value by identifying new energy efficiency datasets. With this information, utilities can offer benchmarking assistance to building owners.

Best Practices Case Study: Eversource
Case Study
This case study describes how Eversource partnered with the cities of Boston, MA, and Cambridge, MA, to provide whole-building utility data access to commercial building owners.

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work: Collaborating to Implement Carbon Reduction Goals
Representatives from the City of Orlando, FL, University of Virginia, and the Cleveland Clinic speak on how their organizations’ sustainability goals are reached through collaboration with other institutions, local governments, and national portfolios.

Stakeholder Engagement Strategy Guide
This guide was designed to identify and engage stakeholders in DOE's Better Buildings Energy Data Accelerator. The framework and engagement of external stakeholders can be applied to the carbon space.

Stakeholder Engagement Process: Philadelphia
Case Study
PECO and the City of Philadelphia, PA, partnered with community stakeholders to implement a utility data access solution for multifamily and commercial buildings. Their work with the Consortium for Building Energy Innovation and the Delaware Valley Green Building Council resulted in a utility data access portal for consumers.

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