Decarbonization Resource Hub

Buildings and manufacturing plants account for roughly two-thirds of U.S. CO2 emissions, and many recognize that carbon reduction goals are central to efficient operations and robust financial performance. DOE is working with partners to demonstrate real-world emission reduction pathways for all types of buildings and plants and to share these solutions with the market.

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Starting Your Decarbonization Journey

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DOE's Better Climate Challenge

DOE is challenging organizations to set ambitious, portfolio-wide GHG emission reduction goals -- 50% within the next 10 years -- through the Better Climate Challenge. 

Low Carbon Pilot

Learn about the Better Buildings, Better Plants Low Carbon Pilot and meet the partners. 

Technical Assistance Webinars

Register to attend upcoming technical assistance webinars hosted by DOE on the latest decarbonization technologies and emissions reductions planning or watch previous webinars on decarbonization topics.