Better Project and Better Practice Awards

The Better Project and Better Practice awards recognize partners for innovative and industry-leading accomplishments in implementing decarbonization, energy and water efficiency, or waste reduction projects/practices. The Better Project award recognizes outstanding accomplishments at individual facilities, and the Better Practice award recognizes the implementation of practices and procedures more broadly. Meet the 2023 award winners below.

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Congratulations to the 2023 Better Project & Better Practice Award Winners 

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Better Buildings: Better Project


Better Plants: Better Project

Columbia Association
Conversion to dual fuel heat pumps reduces natural gas consumption by about 70%
A full capture system for sulfur hexafluoride emissions lowers ABB’s carbon footprint by 16%
Credit Human
New 12-story headquarters building is nearly 65% more efficient than comparable buildings
  Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems
Wastewater recovery system for washing operations achieves Zero Discharge status
Empire State Realty Trust
A long-term plan for carbon and energy reduction at the Empire State Building
  The Chemours Company
Boiler optimization reduces emissions by more than 1,200 MTCO2e per year
Foundation Communities
Low-Income studio homes with a 180kW solar array and various efficiency measures
A 3.62 MW solar farm at the Rocky Mount Engine Plant reduces site electricity consumption by 6%
Mercy Housing
A replicable case study for detecting water leaks through sensors and real-time monitoring
  Hewlett Packard Enterprise
CHP power plant reduces annual energy costs by over $2 million and improves resiliency
Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction
Three-year facility project to cut emissions while reducing waste and energy and water use
  Ingersoll Rand
Die casting water reduction project reduces absolute water consumption by more than 23%
RiseBoro Community Partnership
Affordable senior housing facility designed to the Passive House Standard
  KYB Americas Corporation
A new centralized chilled water system reduces annual energy use by 2.1 million kWh
Town of Southampton, NY
Town Hall sustainability improvements reduce emissions by more than 210 MTCO2e per year
  Nestlé USA
Electrochemical water treatment technology saves energy and water, and reduces use of chemicals
A customized smart EMS contextualizes energy used per product SKU number

Better Buildings: Better Practice


Better Plants: Better Practice

Allina Health
Rheaply reuse asset exchange platform reduces
waste going to the landfill or incinerator
Converting to lithium-ion powered industrial
vehicles to realize energy and emissions
Atlanta Housing Authority
A rent boost for landlords addresses the split
incentive problem in low-income housing
Energy and building management solution
manages over 240 million data points each day
Empire State Realty Trust
Decarbonization plan that addresses water and
waste reduction while prioritizing occupant health
  The Chemours Company
A roadmap to reduce fluorinated organic
compound process emissions by 99% by 2030
Energy solutions reduce average gross annual
utility costs by nearly $20 million in two Hawaii
communities spanning 10,000+ military homes
  Eastman Chemical Company
An organizational structure integrates the energy
management and sustainability teams
Los Angeles Unified School District
A pathway for achieving 100% clean renewable
energy in all energy sectors by 2040
A program to facilitate organizational change by
fostering employee-driven opportunities
Louisville, KY
Energy management program has saved more
than $1.5 million since 2019
  General Motors
A self-paced Energy Treasure Map supplier
program to achieve energy and water reduction
Maine Department of Corrections
Portfolio-wide carbon reduction initiative includes
pursuing 50001 Ready recognition at all facilities
  The Sherwin-Williams Company
Sustainability challenge engages early talent to
drive energy and waste reduction
Pace University
Coordinated energy management strategy
reduced annual energy usage by nearly 20%
  Steelcase, Inc.
Step-by-step guidance to reduce manufacturing
scrap waste and increase efficiency
University of Virginia
Sustainable Labs Program decreases CO2e by
more than 20% in energy-intensive lab buildings
An Energy Playbook to drive a pipeline of future
energy and emissions-reduction projects
Village of Montour Falls, NY
Solid waste reduction and diversion strategies
prevent waste and sludge from entering landfills


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