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Explore Tools, Trainings, and Resources

The Department of Energy works to provide Better Plants partners with helpful tools and resources to overcome barriers and identify opportunities to save energy. Through Better Plants, partners receive support from Technical Account Managers (TAMs) who help facilities develop energy management plans, identify energy-saving opportunities, and track energy performance metrics. In addition to technical guidance, Better Plants partners have access to free tools and software, on-site In-Plant Trainings on various energy savings topics, access to technical assistance programs, and more.

Explore Tools, Training, and Resources

One of the hallmarks of the Better Plants program is providing partners with low to no-cost tools, training, resources, and technical assistance to help them accomplish their ambitious goals to reduce emissions, energy intensity, water use, and waste generation.  Explore the variety of resources below to support the execution of your emissions, energy, water, and waste reduction projects: 




Featured Webinars

As noted throughout our resources and program materials, understanding energy, emissions, waste, and water management best practices can help you realize tangible resource and cost-savings benefits that can be reinvested into other areas of a business. We invite you to explore our featured webinars below or explore our broader suite of online learning resources in the Online Learning Library for Industrial Partners


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