Supply Chain Initiative

Supply Chain Initiative

Around 40-60% of a manufacturing company's energy and carbon footprint can reside upstream in its supply chain. Through Better Plants, the U.S. Department of Energy is providing technical assistance to partners to help them improve energy efficiency throughout their supply chains. DOE works with partners in its Supply Chain Initiative to encourage their suppliers to leverage Better Plants resources, and collectively set, track, and meet energy savings goals.

Johnson Controls' Supplier Efficiency Program: Facilitating energy hunts at supplier facilities
Supply Chain Overview

Learn more about how Better Plants can work with manufacturers to improve energy efficiency in their supply chain.

See Who Joined

In collaboration with Better Plants, partners communicate the benefits of the program to their suppliers and invite them to join.

Water Efficiency for Supply Chain

Presentation on getting started with water efficiency in manufacturing facilities. 

Sector Priorities

To help partners' supplier cohorts, DOE hosts webinars that cover energy-efficiency tools and best practices. Participating suppliers also have priority access to no-cost energy assessments from DOE's Industrial Assessment Centers. To date, 12 assessments have been conducted for supplier facilities, identifying 56 total energy-efficiency improvement recommendations with collective potential savings of $1.1 million a year and an average simple payback of less than a year.