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Better Plants Solutions

The online Better Buildings Solutions Center helps to amplify partner leadership and promote successful and replicable strategies for energy efficiency and energy management. New partner solutions are provided by Better Plants Partners every year to help other companies explore viable energy efficiency solutions and success stories. Explore the different industrial solutions that Better Plants partners are sharing:

Featured Industrial Solutions


Celanese Corporation: Sustainability Checklist for Capital Projects
Celanese identified a need to improve the way the sustainability aspects of a project are evaluated early in the project planning process and how sustainability optimization measures are integrated in capital projects. The sustainability checklist enables the company to drive energy reduction and sustainability improvements by providing a consistent approach for integrating sustainability in project evaluation.


Zebra Technologies Corporation: Climate-Related Physical Risk Characterization and Analysis
As recommended by The Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD), Zebra conducted climate scenario analysis in 2021 using guidance from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) to determine climate risks under the best- and worst-case scenarios for its operations and value chain.


Lineage Logistics: Data Science Team Drives Energy Savings in Cold Storage
Since its inception, Lineage Logistics' data science team has evaluated and supported the implementation of energy-saving projects that address racking configuration, warehouse operations algorithms, blast freezing, control system optimization, and rate structure selection.

Implementation Models

Documentations of corporate-level solutions that overcome specific barriers to energy-efficiency. 

Showcase Projects

Descriptions of near-term demonstrations of major energy savings at individual facilities. 

Solutions at a Glance

Short and informative snapshots of a successful or innovative idea or practice. 


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