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Software Tools

The DOE Advanced Manufacturing Office provides a variety of energy system and energy management software tools to help industrial partners increase energy efficiency at both the plant-level and in specific energy systems. These free and open-source tools and calculators can help identify savings opportunities, monitor progress, and identify potential improvements in your facility. Explore the various software tools below, and check out the Software Tools Info Card as a quick reference for featured resources. 

Featured Software Tool

VERIFI (beta) is a utility dashboarding tool that enables partners to monitor, track, and improve their understanding of energy, water, waste, and GHG emission patterns. The tool allows users to quickly explore and analyze their utility data at both the facility and corporate levels. VERIFI replaces DOE’s EnPI tool for performing advanced regression-based analysis for tracking consumption and includes the ability to generate visualizations and reports automatically.

VERIFI is free to use, does not require signing up for an account, and stores all data directly on users' computers. The tool was developed using an open-source framework compatible with Windows and macOS operating systems (download VERIFI here or explore the online version). Partners are encouraged to use their own data to test VERIFI’s new Beta release, explore its capabilities, and provide feedback. Any bugs or suggested improvements should be submitted to Kristina Armstrong.


MEASUR is a software suite that allows end-users (such as energy engineers or facility personnel) to create a model using facility data which will optimize and improve the industrial systems for facilities. Using plant-specific operating data, MEASUR helps energy managers assess how much energy each piece of equipment uses annually, plus the estimated annual energy costs.

This open-source software is continually adding new calculators to the suite and can analyze most major energy support systems found within industrial plants, including compressed air, fans, process heat, pumps, and more. Through the various system modeling modules and 70+ equipment calculators, users can analyze and quantify energy savings. 



     Scoping and tracking tools to develop formal energy management structure, identify gaps in energy management activities, identify
     significant energy uses, and keep track of energy performance.
     - VERIFI (Beta)      - 50001 Ready Navigator
     - VERIFI Online Version (Beta)      - PEP (Plant Energy Profiler) Tool
     - Energy Footprint Tool      - EnPI Lite
     - Energy Performance Indicator (EnPI)      - Project Implementation Toolkit
     - Automated Register of Implemented Actions  
     Assessment tools and calculators for identifying energy-
     efficiency projects and improvements.
      Assessment tools and calculators for identifying carbon-
     related projects and improvements.
     - MEASUR      - Carbon Footprint and Scenario Analysis Tool - Coming Soon
     - MEASUR Online Version      - Carbon Inventory Calculator
     - AirMaster+ (Compressed Air)      - Carbon Project Implementation Tracker
     - AirMaster + Log Tool      - Electrification Impact Calculator
     - REopt      - Low Carbon Pilot Action Plan Tool (Beta)
     Diagnostic and assessment tools for assisting with waste
     management projects.
      Diagnostic and assessment tools for assisting with water-
     efficiency projects and improvements.
     - Waste Stream Energy Content Calculator      - Plant Water Profiler Tool - Excel, Version 1.0 (PWPEx v1.0)
     - Scoping and Diagnostic Tool - Coming Soon  
     - Waste Management Assessment Tool - Coming Soon  


Software Tutorials and Guides

While there are many free tools and calculators at your disposal to identify and monitor energy and resource use in your facility, you may wish to consult our tutorials and guidance documents to get the most out of these software platforms.