Better Plants Program Information

The U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) Better Plants Program is working with leading manufacturers to boost their competitiveness through improvements in energy efficiency. Manufacturing is a nexus of innovation and economic opportunity in America, accounting for 12.3 million jobs or nine percent of the workforce*.

Driving energy savings in the sector can, therefore, have a broad impact, leading to cost savings and improved global competitiveness. Better Plants works with leading manufacturers and water utilities to do just that, overcoming common barriers such as lack of senior management buy-in, limited capital budgets, and insufficient information on identifying and implementing energy efficiency opportunities. Through Better Plants, partners set a specific goal, typically to reduce energy intensity by 25% over a 10-year period across all their U.S. operations and receive support in the form of technical assistance and national recognition.
* National Association of Manufacturers, Facts About Manufacturing,

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Better Plants Overview
Learn how over 235 leading manufacturers and public water and wastewater treatment utilities are partnering with DOE to improve energy and water efficiency, reduce waste, and cut energy costs.

Better Plants Challenge Overview
This document provides an overview of the Better Plants Challenge and highlights the additional opportunities for recognition that Challenge partners are eligible for. 

Challenge Partner Guide
This document provides additional guidance on joining the Better Plants Challenge - from reaching milestones to tracking energy data and developing solutions to share amongst peers. 

Annual Data Reporting Form
Partners track and record the energy consumed by each of their facilities annually, calculate the total energy savings compared to their baseline year, and report back the data to the program.

Energy Intensity Baselining and Tracking Guidance
This document describes the steps necessary to develop an energy consumption and energy intensity baseline for industrial facilities, as well as consumption and intensity changes over time. 

Energy Intensity Baselining and Tracking Summary Guide
This summary guide provides the basics of baselining and tracking your energy intensity. For more information and special considerations, please see the guide, above. 

Science-Based Targets Guide
This initiative helps companies set goals to reduce emissions and identify actions they can take to align with climate science. This document will help partners understand how their energy savings can translate to a science-based target goal.

Better Plants Recognizing Energy Leadership
This overview highlights the numerous ways DOE highlights partners' success stories and energy efficiency solutions. 

Publicize Your Commitment
This document contains guidance on using the Better Plants logo, program language that you can use for promotion, and usage guidelines for publicizing your commitment to saving energy through the Better Plants program. 

QuickStart Guide for Small to Medium Manufacturers
The QuickStart Guide is an introduction to energy efficiency for small and medium manufacturers and connects readers to the tools and resources available from DOE to help them drive energy savings – and sustain the progress. Additionally, it provides a list of common energy efficiency opportunities for energy-consuming systems.

Better Plants - Valuable Tools and Resources
This overview provides a list of the various no-cost tools and resources that DOE offers to help Better Plants partners overcome barriers and identify opportunities to save energy. More information on these resources can be found throughout the Solution Center or provided by your TAM. 

2020 Progress Update
As of 2020, more than 235 companies partner with DOE in the Better Plants Program and Challenge. To date, partners have saved more than $8 billion dollars and 1.7 QBtus of energy. Almost 60 partners have met their initial energy reduction goals and many have gone on to set new goals with DOE. 22 new companies joined the program in 2020 and more than a dozen partners participated in the waste pilot.

2019 Progress Update
More than 220 companies partner with DOE in the Better Plants Program and Challenge. To date, partners have saved more than $6 billion and 1.3 QBtus of energy. Almost 60 partners have met their initial energy reduction goals and many have set new goals with DOE. In 2019, twenty-two new companies joined the program, and more than a dozen partners joined a newly launched waste pilot.

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