In-Plant Trainings Calendar

Since 2011, Better Plants has conducted more than 100 INPLTs with more than 1500 participants. Cumulatively, the INPLTs have identified more than 5 TBtu and $37 million in potential energy savings and helped partners overcome common critical barriers to adopting energy management practices and technologies.

INPLTs are open to outside participation from other Better Plants partners and prospects on a case by case basis. Each INPLT is a unique opportunity to help companies train and empower their staffs on optimizing industrial systems and underscore their commitment to reliable and sustainable production. INPLTs are open to outside participants on a case-by-case basis. Please email for more information. We are pleased to announce the awardees for INPLTs beginning in the first half of 2019.

Host Plant Name / City, State

Energy System Type


Leggett & Platt, Carthage wire mill, Carthage MO & Hanes Dye & Finishing / Carthage, MO
Winston-Salem, NC
Treasure Hunt Exchange March 17-19 - Carthage, MO
Week of May 19 - Winston Salem, NC
Raytheon / Richardson, TX
Dallas - Lemmon Ave, TX
Treasure Hunt Exchange March 31 – Richardson, TX
May 26 – Dallas - Lemmon Ave, TX
FCA, Sterling Heights / Auburn Hills, MI Compressed Air June 25-27
Eastman Chemical Company / Kingsport, TN Pumping TBD
Celanese / Narrows, VA Compressed Air TBD
AztraZenica, Medimmune / Gaithersburg, MD Treasure Hunt Exchange Late September
Electrolux / Springfield, TN Compressed Air April 23-25
CMC Steel Arizona / Mesa, AZ Compressed Air Week of March 4