Partner Recognition

Partners have made extraordinary strides in reducing energy intensity, cumulatively saving more than $5.3 billion in energy costs through 2017. Better Plants works hard to recognize and promote their achievements. Program participants are featured on the Solution Center and receive recognition letters from DOE leadership, invitations to special events, and media opportunities. Partner success stories are highlighted in Better Plants materials and other publications.

Fifty-three Better Plants Program and Challenge partners have achieved their energy goals since the start of Better Plants. Five Challenge partners have also met their water-savings goals. All goal achieving-partners receive trophies for display.

New Recognition Opportunity for Better Plants Partners

Better Plants also honors partners’ innovative, industry-leading energy efficiency work in individual facilities (the Better Project award) and across their organizations (the Better Practice award). To learn more check out the Better Project & Better Practice Award Overview.

Apply for 2019 awards by downloading and submitting the Better Practice Award application here and the Better Project Award application here. All applications are due by May 6, 2019.

2019 Better Project Awardees


For upgrading two plate and frame water/ammonia heat exchangers (PHEs) and saving more than $157,000 in annual energy costs


For installing variable fan drives on 12 cooling tower fans, with estimated annual energy savings of more than $229,000

Eastman Chemical Company

For devising a process to develop specialized versions of a chemical product and reducing production energy costs by 42%, or $725,000 annually

General Motors 

For using a packaged supplier to make utility upgrades at three different sites, shortening the project schedule by as much as 10 months and reducing costs by 20% compared to a traditional stick-built approach

NEW Water

For its Resource Recovery and Electrical Energy (R2E2) solids recovery facility project that produces its own electricity on-site, reducing annual energy costs by an estimated 50%, or $2 million

Nissan North America

For implementing a chilled water optimization project that has saved 3,000 MWh in annual facility electric energy consumption


For installing a condensing economizer to recover energy from a boiler stack, reducing site fuel usage by 10%

2019 Better Practice Awardees

Bentley Mills  

For using an Energy as a Service (EaaS) model to finance lighting and water retrofits with an ahead-of-schedule expected payoff

Celanese Corporation

For implementing the Celanese Energy Community program and engaging and educating 98% of the company workforce on energy reduction

Des Moines Water Works

For installing energy monitors to provide staff with real-time energy data and saving $185,000 a year in energy costs

Lineage Logistics

For implementing a flywheeling algorithm to optimize refrigeration compressor operation, reducing a facility's energy costs by 39%

Saint-Gobain Corporation

For launching "Compress It," a voluntary competition between facilities to identify and repair compressed air leaks that led to $2.5 million in annual energy savings

Toyota Motor Engineering and Manufacturing North America 

For implementing an Energy Savings Company (ESCO) process in North America that has uncovered annual energy savings opportunities totaling 3% portfolio-wide

2018 Better Project Awardees

General Motors

For implementing a building automation system upgrade at its Romulus, Michigan, facility encompassing plant floor lighting, energy metering, and floor HVAC, with an estimated payback of 1.5 years 

J.R. Simplot Company

For implementing a blending tank system requiring less pumping energy, less fresh water, and less cooling tower load at its Pocatello, Idaho, facility, resulting in $161,000 in annual energy savings

Los Angeles Bureau of Sanitation

For implementing a digester biogas generation & CHP project at its Hyperion Water Reclamation Plant to produce electricity and heat, reducing the plant’s energy intensity by 37% in two years


For installing a 2.5 MW natural gas fired-combined heat and power system at its Gaithersburg, Maryland, facility, helping the site achieve 13.9% energy savings over the previous year

Raytheon Company

For implementing the company’s first energy storage system at its Fullerton, California, facility, with an expected return on investment of over 500% through avoided utility peak demand costs

Saint-Gobain Corporation

For piloting an advanced energy monitoring system with wireless submeters at its Soddy-Daisy, Tennessee, facility that has increased operational efficiency and inspired energy reduction projects yielding approximately $30,000 per year in energy cost savings

2018 Better Practice Awardees


For creating a virtual “USA Energy Management Toolbox” composed of technical best practices; a database of replicable, quick-win projects; and more

Celanese Corporation

For developing a sophisticated Energy Assessment Matrix to measure and track the strength and continuous improvement of energy management systems

Ingersoll Rand

For forming a Green Team at its Waco, Texas, facility that helped double energy productivity, cut electricity costs by 70%, and standardize a method for tracking multiple key sustainability indicators

Owens Corning

For launching the Composites Solutions Business Energy Team Challenge with cash prizes to inspire competition between plant energy teams to reduce energy intensity

Quad/Graphics, Inc.

For initiating a baseload energy reduction program at its Merced, California, facility that reduced downtime baseload to less than 10%, avoiding an estimated $465,000 in energy costs

TE Connectivity

For deploying energy treasure hunts across the company, giving sites tools, guidance, and support for a largely “do-it-yourself” approach, with the 30 treasure hunts conducted since the program’s inception identifying $2.7 million in savings opportunities

2017 Better Project Awardees

C. F. Martin & Company

For installing a HVAC upgrade that led to a 40% reduction in system energy consumption, better product quality, and reduced maintenance needs

Eastman Chemical Company

For installing a combustion turbine burner that has improved steam production reliability and saved 156,000 MMBTU in annual energy consumption

Ingersoll Rand

For implementing lighting and HVAC upgrades across several facilities, with site energy consumption decreases of as much as 2%

Narragansett Bay Commission

For installing three 1.5 MW wind turbines that offset $600,000 in annual electricity costs and yield hundreds of thousands more in renewable energy credit sales

Victor Valley Wastewater Reclamation Authority

For installing a 1.6 MW CHP system fueled by on-site produced biogas that has achieved $473,000 in annual energy cost savings

2017 Better Practice Awardees

Charter Steel

For utilizing an energy treasure hunt to simultaneously train employees, identify cost savings, and improve ISO 50001 implementation


For developing a multi-disciplinary Sustainability Team that helped achieve a 30% decrease in facility energy consumption

Johnson Controls

For establishing a company-wide Energy Hunt program as part of the Johnson Controls Manufacturing System that resulted in a threefold increase in identified energy savings projects and helped the company meet its Better Plants Challenge goal two years early

Nissan North America

For implementing an enterprise-wide Energy Management System certified to ISO 50001 that includes all U.S. manufacturing facilities

Saint-Gobain Corporation

For creating WWE (Waste, Water, Energy) Awards to inspire competition among 120+ manufacturing sites to reduce their environmental impact

United Technologies Corporation

For creating a multifaceted energy efficiency improvement program that has saved millions in cumulative energy costs