Recognizing Better Plants Partners

Better Plants' partners have made extraordinary strides in reducing energy intensity, cumulatively saving more than $8.2 billion in energy costs through 2020. The Plants program works hard to recognize and promote their achievements in a number of ways, including featuring partner case studies in the Solution Center, highlighting success stories in materials and publications, facilitating recognition from DOE leadership, and highlighting partner accomplishments at events and site visits. Explore this page to get an idea of how Partners can promote their energy and water savings accomplishments with the help of the Plants Team. 

Highlight Your Achievements

Better Plants strives to highlight partner achievements and leadership in a variety of ways, including recognizing partners that achieve a goal and bestowing awards for impressive energy efficiency projects and practices. To date, sixty energy goals have been achieved by program and Challenge partners since the start of Better Plants (three water-savings goals have also been met). Additionally, Plants honors partners’ innovative, industry-leading energy efficiency work in individual facilities (the Better Project award) and across their organizations (the Better Practice award). To learn more about these accolades, click the boxes below. 



Share Your Success Stories on the Solutions Center

The online Better Buildings Solutions Center helps to amplify partner leadership and promote successful and replicable strategies for energy efficiency and energy management. These partner solutions are viewed by thousands of organizations every year, including media, to better understand viable energy efficiency solutions and success stories. Explore the ways partners can share their successes with others:        

Implementation Models

Documentations of corporate-level solutions that overcome specific barriers to energy-efficiency. 

Showcase Projects

Descriptions of near-term demonstrations of major energy savings at individual facilities. 

Solutions at a Glance

Short and informative snapshots of a successful or innovative idea or practice. 



The U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE’s) Individuals Taking Energy Action in Manufacturing (ITEAM) Prize competition seeks to identify and attract attention to a wide range of ideas and practices that are driving measurable energy savings at U.S. manufacturing plants to stimulate innovation at other facilities.

To do so, DOE is launching the ITEAM Prize competition as a means to (1) find individuals who were responsible for creative, specific, and innovative ideas and practices that led to significant, measurable energy savings at their manufacturing facilities; and (2) encourage those individuals to widely share their ideas and practices for the benefit of U.S. manufacturing facilities nationwide.

Each winner is awarded a cash prize of $5,000 and receives special recognition from DOE. Learn more about the prize and view the 2020 winners, click here.


Other Opportunities for Promotion

The Department of Energy works with partners to promote their energy-efficiency success stories and solutions through various media channels, including those listed below. 

DOE Site Visits

Trade Publications

Speaking Opportunities

Share your solutions first-hand with DOE leaders and media representatives. Site visits allow reporters and energy experts to see first-hand innovative energy efficiency projects and practices at the facility level.   DOE works with partners to place interesting and newsworthy stories in industrial trade publications like IndustryWeek, Design World, Chemical Processing, Facility Executive, and ISE Magazine.  Better Plants sponsors several industry conferences throughout the year, typically with tracks of panel sessions. These sessions help partners elevate their industry standing and amplify their energy-efficiency messaging. 

Social Media

Beat Blog

Contact us for Promotion

Interact with Better Plants on social Media and help us promote your energy efficiency milestones and program-related announcements.  Better Plants works with partners to publish original stories about program-related energy accomplishments, innovative energy projects, internal energy events, and In-Plant trainings (INPLTs).  To explore any of these promotional options with the DOE Better Plants program, please contact your Technical Account Manager (TAM) or email DOE at