Better Plants Online Learning Series

In light of the recent challenges impacting our industry and our nation, the Better Plants program is continuing to support partners and adapt to their needs throughout this unpredictable time. As noted throughout our resources and platform, understanding energy management best practices can not only help you identify critical improvements in your facility but also realize tangible energy and cost-savings benefits that can be reinvested into other areas of a business. While many companies work towards settling into the new normal, our team wanted to take this opportunity to come together and share knowledge, resources, and best practices through online learning. 

Please join us for our continued Online Learning Series where we cover a range of topics that support your energy management goals. 

Webinar Topic Speaker Date Time Link
1. Better Plants Town Hall Eli Levine (DOE), feat. Al Hildreth (General Motors) 04/16/20 RECORDED
2. Basics of Energy Thomas Wenning (ORNL) 04/23/20 RECORDED
3. Lighting, HVAC, and Building Envelope Thomas Wenning (ORNL) 04/29/20 RECORDED
4. Resources You Should Know: USDA Rural Development Programs and the Department of Commerce Manufacturing Extension Partnership Venus Welch-White (USDA) and David Stieren (NIST-MEP) 05/07/20 RECORDED
5. Compressed Air Systems Thomas Wenning (ORNL) 05/14/20 RECORDED
6. Water Efficiency Kiran Thirumaran (ORNL) 05/21/20 RECORDED
7. Energy Treasure Hunts with EPA  Walt Brockway (ORNL) and Walt Tunnessen (EPA) 08/20/20 RECORDED
8. Pumps and Fans Thomas Wenning (ORNL) 08/27/20 RECORDED
9. Process Heating and Waste Heat Recovery Sachin Nimbalkar (ORNL) 09/03/20 RECORDED
10. Energy Management During a Pandemic Andrew Maude (Bristol Myers Squibb), Helder Silva (ArcelorMittal), David Turkes (Bentley Mills), Tom Wenning (ORNL), and Wade Willatt (Nissan USA) 09/17/20 RECORDED
11. Using the MEASUR Tool Suite Kristina Armstrong (ORNL) 09/24/20 RECORDED
12. Process Cooling Wei Guo (ORNL) 10/01/20 RECORDED
13. SPECIAL WEBINAR: Industrial Technology Validation (ITV) Pilot Alex Fitzsimmons (DOE), Eli Levine (DOE), and Paul Scheaffer (LBNL) 10/29/20 RECORDED


On-Demand Learning

In addition to the upcoming live webinars listed above, the Better Plants program also has a variety of on-demand learning resources that you can use to sharpen your energy management skills and receive continuing education.

Explore our featured on-demand webinars listed below, and see a full list of recorded training webinars on the bottom half of this page



Additional Resources

Aside from the many virtual learning opportunities that are offered through the Better Plants Program, there is also a variety of tools and resources that you can consult for further professional development and energy management. Explore some of these resources, below. 

The Better Buildings Webinar Series

Dedicated to bringing you the latest actionable insights on today's energy efficiency landscape, the webinar series is a chance to explore the topics and trends that affect your organization with industry experts and your peers.

MEASUR Tool Suite

The MEASUR tool suite was designed to aid manufacturers in improving the efficiency of energy systems and equipment within a plant. MEASUR is an open-source platform that is free and accessible to all. 

Technology Focus Areas

The technology focus area-webpages are one-stop-shop for those seeking actionable solutions for energy efficiency challenges involving specific systems.