Online Learning for Industrial Partners

As noted throughout our resources and program materials, understanding energy, waste, and water management best practices can not only help you identify critical improvements in your facility but also realize tangible energy and cost-savings benefits that can be reinvested into other areas of a business. Our team has assembled shared knowledge, resources, and best practices through online learning available below.

Click here to view a collection of prior webinars for all Better Buildings sectors and topics. 

Please explore our on-demand webinars for industrial partners, where we cover a range of topics that support your energy, waste, and water management goals. 

Better Plants Program Webinars

Webinar Topic Year Published Link
Better Plants Town Hall 2020
About the Industrial Technology Validation Pilot 2020
Lessons Learned from Goal Achievers 2021

General Energy Efficiency Webinars

Webinar Topic Year Published Link
The Basics of Energy 2020
Energy Management During a Pandemic 2020
Saving Energy: A QuickStart Guide for Small to Medium Manufacturers  2021
Energy Intensity Baselining and Tracking  2021
Understanding your Electric Bill - 2021
Understanding your Natural Gas Bill  2021
Understanding your Water Bill  2021

System-Specific Webinars

Webinar Topic Year Published Link
Lighting, HVAC, and Building Envelope 2020
Compressed Air Systems 2020
Water Efficiency 2020
Energy Treasure Hunts with EPA  2020
Pumps and Fans 2020
Process Heating and Waste Heat Recovery 2020
Process Cooling 2020

Tool and Resource Webinars

Webinar Topic Year Published Link
Resources You Should Know: USDA Rural Development Programs and the Department of Commerce Manufacturing Extension Partnership 2020
Introduction to the MEASUR Tool Suite 2018
Using the MEASUR Tool Suite 2020
Overview and Demonstration of the DOE EnPI (Energy Performance Indicator) Tool 2018

Learn from Your Peers

Webinar Topic Year Published Link
GHG Emissions Reduction Audits: Taking Energy Audits to the Next Level 2023

Show Me the Money: Financing Decarbonization Projects

Driving Decarbonization with 50001 Ready  2022
Energy Data Management 
Using Energy Management and Information Systems (EMIS) for Decarbonization 2023
EMIS Crash Course  2021
Renewables Integration 
Hydrogen 101: The Basics of Hydrogen and Fuel Cells for Buildings and Plants 2022
Commercial and Industrial: State of the Market and Solar Lease Best Practices 2022
The Road to Resilience: Setting Energy Savings as a Strategic Priority for Wastewater Treatment Plants  2020
Space Conditioning 
Using Heat Pumps to Electrify Existing Buildings: Case Studies from the Field  2022
Heat Pump Peer Exchange with the Low-Carbon Pilot  2021

Other Topics

Webinar Topic Year Published Link
Downstream Savings: From Water Efficiency to Energy Savings 2016
Efficiency Treasure Chest: How Cities, Manufacturers, and Retailers are Unlocking Energy Savings in Warehouses and Distribution Centers 2016
Because Wastewater Matters: Evolutions in Wastewater Treatment and Examples of Distributed Treatment 2016
2 for 1: Energy Efficiency and Water Savings are a Combo Deal 2017
Getting Started with Water Efficiency at Manufacturing Facilities 2017
Water Savings Presentation to the Manufacturers Alliance for Productivity and Innovation 2017
Lessons from the Field: Real World Applications that Inform R&D 2019
Early Best Practices from the Waste Reduction Pilot 2020
Beyond Energy Savings: Quantifying the Additional Benefits from Energy Efficiency  2020


Pre-In-Plant Training Webinars

To help partners prepare their staff for participating in a virtual or in-person INPLT training workshop, the Better Plants team has assembled a series of Pre-In-Plant Training webinars to act as primers for the various workshop topics. Explore the Pre-InPlant Training webinars listed, below. 



Additional Resources

Aside from the many virtual learning opportunities that are offered through the Better Plants Program, there is also a variety of tools and resources that you can consult for further professional development and energy management. Explore some of these resources, below. 

MEASUR Tool Suite

The MEASUR tool suite was designed to aid manufacturers in improving the efficiency of energy systems and equipment within a plant. MEASUR is an open-source platform that is free and accessible to all. 

Technology Focus Areas

The technology focus area-webpages are one-stop-shop for those seeking actionable solutions for energy efficiency challenges involving specific systems. 

Virtual IN-Plant Trainings

Better Plants and the team at Oak Ridge National Lab (ORNL) launched a cohort of Virtual In-Plant Trainings (VINPLTs) as a means of continuing interactive training workshops while socially distanced. Explore our current training options!