Industrial Water Savings Network

Industrial Water Savings Network

Better Plants has expanded its energy savings program to include water savings. The efficient use of water resources results in lower operating costs, a more reliable water supply, and improved water quality. Additionally, since energy is required to transport and treat water, saving water saves energy. Eleven industrial partners are working with DOE through the Water Savings Network to track water use intensity improvements and share successful strategies and solutions. Three partners—Cummins, General Motors, and UTC (now a part of Raytheon Technologies) — have already met their water-savings goals and are working to sustain and expand their progress.

Water Management Strategies

This guidance document features insights from leading manufacturers on developing new, or improving existing, corporate water management programs.

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Partners across the commercial, public, industrial, and multifamily sectors are working with the U.S. Department of Energy to share successful water efficiency solutions and progress, network with peers, receive technical assistance, and more.

Plant Water Profiler Tool

The Plant Water Profiler tool (PWPEx) Tool evaluates “water balance” by individual systems, and help you estimate water losses as well as potential water and “true cost” savings that can be achieved from increasing water recirculation and eliminating water losses. 

Featured Solutions

The HARBEC water retention pond project supported the company's goal to be "water neutral," or eliminating the need to use municipally supplied water except for drinking and hand-washing. The retention pond enabled HARBEC to conserve over 830,000 gallons of water, without increasing energy consumption.
Nissan installed an automated filtration system at its Smyrna, Tennessee, paint shop, which helped the plant cut water costs by about two-thirds.
To help meet ambitious water-saving goals, UTC developed comprehensive internal guidance that details the company's global water scarcity assessment, best practices in managing water efficiency at individual sites, and water saving case studies.
General Motors developed an Energy and Water Project Roadmap to track key project information and allow this information to be shared to utility and plant managers within all of the partner's U.S. facilities for research and planning purposes.

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Additional Water Resources

In addition to partner solutions, the Better Buildings and Better Plants programs offer a variety of other resources to help partners achieve their water efficiency goals. Explore the water efficiency systems page through the Better Plants program to find additional presentations, tools, and resources to guide your water efficiency projects. 

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