Industrial Technology Validation Pilot

The U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) Advanced Manufacturing Office (AMO) has launched phase two of the Industrial Technology Validation pilot. This phase is open to all industrial sites that want to team with technology vendors to evaluate innovative manufacturing technologies in their plants. Technology vendors are also invited to apply individually.


Emerging Technology Helps Meet Sustainability Goals

Industrial companies across the country are prioritizing ambitious sustainability goals to reduce energy, GHG, water, and waste. Emerging technologies can be integral to achieving these goals, but the risks involved in installing and objectively validating performance in high-stakes industrial environments can often impede adoption.

Objective Evaluation Minimizes Adoption Risk

Validate innovative energy-, GHG-, water-, and waste-reducing technologies to decarbonize industry with support from  DOE’s National Labs. Results will be shared broadly and help the industrial sector understand the viability of a solution while mitigating many of the risks associated with being the first to install an emerging technology.

Learn More About the Pilot - Phase II


Why Participate?

  • Engage in a full-scale pilot with M&V managed by National Lab experts
  • Receive independent insights regarding technology suitability for industrial processes
  • Inform public- and private-sector investment decisions through publicly available M&V findings
  • Increase market acceptance of emerging technologies by validating real-world performance





Submit Your Application

Funding for this pilot is limited. Submit your application as early as possible, even if you are not ready to begin the project. Evaluation start dates are flexible and can accommodate your schedule. Please address any questions to:            



For Phase II, technology vendors may apply individually or with a host site. Technologies must be innovative with potential for broad deployment and savings and meet the criteria outlined in the Request for Proposals.



Identify a host site to serve as the technology testbed site (if applying jointly with a host site).  



Complete the Request for Proposals (with host site if applying jointly) and email to the ITV Support team at

Pilot Phases and Timing

Phase II will allow technology vendors the opportunity to apply either in conjunction with an industrial site or apply independently to validate their emerging technology at a future designated partner or industrial site. Applications for Phase II of the ITV Pilot are no longer being accepted. Awardees are now pending and will be announced soon.



See the Results from Other DOE Field Validation Projects

Explore the Better Buildings Field Validation Results Hub, a one-stop-shop for information associated with completed and ongoing technology validations in occupied, operational buildings. This resource allows you to view data and outcomes from various completed field validation tests conducted through the DOE.