Industrial Technology Validation for Vendors

The US Department of Energy’s Advanced Manufacturing Office (AMO) is launching a new pilot to help industry better identify and evaluate innovative technologies by hosting technology validation testbeds. The first phase of AMO’s Industrial Technology Validation pilot is open to Better Plants partners teaming with their chosen technology vendor.

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Submitting a technology for validation:

Phase I of this pilot is open exclusively to Better Plants partners to team up with a selected vendor of their choice to be validated at a Better Plants facility. To participate in Phase I, work with a Better Plants partner to submit a Request for Proposals, jointly. Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis through March 2021. Learn more about the Better Plants partners and vendors participating in Phase I. 

Phase II of this pilot will allow technology vendors the opportunity to apply either in conjunction with a Better Plants partner or industrial site, or apply independently to validate their emerging technology at a future designated Better Plants partner or industrial site.

Check back for future announcements regarding phase II of AMO’s Industrial Technology Validation pilot.

Pilot Terminology

  • Technology - Refers broadly to the application of equipment, hardware, software, systems, innovations, etc. that are used in manufacturing and wastewater treatment plants. 
  • Performance improvement - Refers to improvements in energy or water efficiency/performance, or waste reduction. 
  • Vendor - Refers to the equipment manufacturers, distributors, innovators, inventors, incubators, labs, etc. that are providing the technology. 



Submit Your Application

Funding for this pilot is limited. Submit your application as early as possible, even if you are not ready to begin the project. Evaluation start dates are flexible and can accommodate your schedule. Please address any questions to:            



For Phase II, technology vendors may apply individually or with a host site. Technologies must be innovative with potential for broad deployment and savings and meet the criteria outlined in the Request for Proposals.



Identify a host site to serve as the technology testbed site (if applying jointly with a host site). 



Complete the Request for Proposals (with host site if applying jointly) and email to the ITV Support team at